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You won’t believe the next sentence I’m going to say. And that is I never win anything. Really, I don’t. But I did for the first time in a very long time. It was tickets to the Recycled Cinema session at the Sydney Underground Film Festival.

This spontaneously changed all plans for my day and now I sit here writing this. This was such a rewarding little surprise.

Recycled Cinema was a short film session that was particularly themed around recycled footage from all sorts of places like home video footage or YouTube clips.

So there was an incredible range of shorts in this session from burlesque performances, vintage erotica, The Wizard of Oz to footage of Jesus and Hitler to create wildy new narratives.

One particular short that stayed with me was Natalie Bookchin’s Laid Off (2009). This is an ongoing project for Bookchin which is a multi-channelled video installation

Bookchin explains

Testament is an ongoing series of multi-channel video installations made up of fragments from online video diaries, or “vlogs”. The project consists of a series of chapters, each of which focuses on a collectively told vignette, story, proclamation, or meditation on topics such as identity, the economy, illness, politics, the war, or work. Testament analyzes contemporary expressions of self, and the stories we are currently telling online about our lives and our circumstances. Clips are edited and sequenced like streams and patterns of self-revelation and narrative that flow and dissipate over space and time. As in a Greek chorus, individuals echo, respond to, contradict, add refrains, iterations, and variations, join in, and complete solo narrations. The series reflects on the peculiar blend of intimacy and anonymity, of simultaneous connectivity and isolation that characterizes social relations today.

I am really continuing to enjoy this new exploration of the arts world and the continuing to uncover the diversity within it. I love how this is such a unorthodox yet clever way of story telling. To me, it demonstrates the very essence of art being for everyone and being able to be created by anyone.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this video?