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Urban Uprising

Posted: September 12, 2010 by Tawar in Uncategorized
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So I recently found out about Urban Uprising, a street art gallery out in Surry Hills that aims

to bring street art from around the globe to a new audience in Australia

This is definitely a positive thing but I had a few reservations about this gallery when I read about it. What really got to me was the fact it was opposite to everything I was charmed by initially; that graffiti manifested in open and non-elitist surrounds. And there is a weird aura of stigma once anything is placed inside a gallery. Nevertheless, I trekked out to Surry Hills to get this unusual experience of viewing graffiti inside a professional gallery

I quickly observed it was located on Crown St in Surry Hills, a highly gentrified area bristling with yuppies emulating a ironically bohomian lifestyle, as French-American actor Julie Delpy likes to called them “bo-bo’s” – bourgeoisie bohemians.

Urban Uprising

This was a bizarre perversion of the origins of street art; a grass roots art form that has typically been appropriated by popular culture consequently commodifying it.

I went on inside to find a modest and eclection collection of graffiti

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So I was pleasantly surprised by the gallery’s artwork. I think, despite all my misgivings, it was inevitable for street art to head down this avenue.

As I was talking to Chris Tamm he highlighted that one of the postive of this new trade is talented graffers are able to make a living out of something that has so frequently been criminalised.

But this process of commodification works in other ways such as  artists being commissioned to do work on buildings or walls like I wrote in my previous blog.

So do you this is a step in the right direction for graffiti art or not?