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I ran across this question recently and when I couldn’t come up with an immediate response, I jumped onto the internet to explore it.  There is much written about the definition of art and what art means from the point of view of art historians, art educators and established artists and indeed I found a whole lot of interesting commentary from this perspective.

But I persevered, hoping to find a broader collection of ideas from the sort of “un-establishment”. I wanted to hear what everyday peopIe had to say because I’ve heard some of the most profound observations from the most unexpected sources… my 5 year old neighbor who reminded me that “Art is heart. Get it?”.  Out of the mouths of babes……

And then I ran across a project sponsored by the Australia Council for the Arts called “What Makes Me”.  Via their website, they are inviting everyone to create a cube of images, audio or video to express what art means to them. You’re in for a real treat….get to know some great Australians and get a glimpse into how they see art in their lives.

What Makes Me Website

Here are some of the beautiful people I met there:

Gillian who reminded me that art is magical and introduced me to a whole different concept of pole dancing (and its not what you’re thinking)!

Jenny who showed me the playful side of art and how its part of her everyday life…as it would be if you lived just over the road from a circus performer!

Snowy, a music lover (with a great nickname) who talks about the the lyrics of The Doors. Some nostalgia and good memories there!

And finally Kylie, as in Kylie Kwong, who mesmerised me with the way she drew parallels between her love of food and her love of modern dance through the lens of Zen masters. Food for the soul…..

“What Makes Me” just confirms for me that art really is for everyone and there are places where artists and non-artists can come together to talk about their experiences with it. I loved being in that space today. For me, art is like love: multidimensional, provocative, heartbreaking, electrifying, inspiring….but most importantly, something we all share.

So…..what does art mean to you?