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I’ve found myself unconsciously looking for inspiration lately. I wake out of a dreamy state imagining myself making photographs of the Northern Lights half way around the world. Maybe it’s just that spring has sprung and we’re all emerging from our winter slumber. Or maybe “life is but a dream” as the song goes.

I’m feeling like my artistic dreambank is low on fuel. I’ve surveyed my dodgy lists located on my phone, small snippets of paper tucked into the odd recesses of my handbag and drawers in my lounge, and come back relatively empty. So I’ve decided to consolidate my lists here (bit of spring cleaning!) to re-ignite my artistic pipeline….possibly add something to your list – and invite you to add on. I’m curious to see see what our collective dreams look like……

Here’s my start in no particular order:

1. Aurora Borealis over the Yukon , Canada

For me, the night sky is an artistic display in and of itself and this has been on my list for a long time….but with a new twist now: Recently I came across Rolf Helter’s photographs from the Yukon, Canada and was he’s inspired me to try to see the Northern Lights “dancing in front of a full moon”…..and possibly give some night photography a go to see if I can capture a glimpse of the magic.

2. Road Trippin….

I’ve seen some of the most amazing art in the most unexpected places. Road trips are a great way to explore the art world that is a bit off the beaten path….the things in the “spaces in between”. Maybe you’ve heard about them from a friend or maybe you just stumbled upon them on the way to someplace else. So here’s what I’m dreaming about next: a road trip along the WA south coast. I’ve heard about a few things: this little artistic community called Denmark and that there is some great live music in the spaces in between Esperance and Denmark. I’m planning to do this in October, so any info you can pass my way, that would be great!

3. Penrith Regional Gallery: Disorder Disorder Exhibit

I heard about this contemporary art exhibit from my fellow blogger on this site. This exhibit sounds like an eclectic and innovative collection of the art of the “disengaged”. It’s on until mid-November….

Collective Dreaming Project…..

Here’s the scoop: today I was discussing this post with my two fellow bloggers for this site and we all agree that it would be interesting to see where the collective dreaming list takes us.  We’d love to capture a list of the cool artistic things you’re dreaming about (whether you are the artist or the audience), heard about or want to connect to somehow.  Once we’ve gotten all the comments together, we’ll create a collaborative post to share the list and all the inspiration.   So send us your dreams…big or small!