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Posted: September 12, 2010 by Tawar in Uncategorized
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I went to this cute (but now expired) photo exhibition at the quaint Blender Gallery down in Paddington. It has taken me a while to write about this particular exhibition because despite the artistically candid photograph’s which aptly capture the zeitgeist of Dylan’s musical era, I really had difficulties articulating my thoughts on it.

Bob Dylan exhibition

Bob Dylan exhibition

It was almost as if I was compelled to view this exhibition purely because appreciating one of the permanently famous fixtures of the 60s rock music era is an imperative part of learning about Western music history.

I started thinking of this notion of compulsory learning and its pervasiveness in art education that occurs at an early age. Art was always taught around a rigid and hackneyed syllabus as far back as I can remember. Every subject that was remotely related to art managed to include Monet, Picasso and Van Gogh. I clearly remember in year five the exercise in which we were instructed to imitate Monet’s White Water Lillies. What I can’t remember is the one time individual creativity was encouraged, or learning about unorthodox art. And if it was, the memory of the experience has, alas, not stayed with me.

Now what does that say about the way art is taught, if it should be taught at all.

Syllabuses should reflect the diversity in the art world because within this diversity the art world is able to charm and inspire every individual.

It saddens me that this was bereft in the syllabuses that I was taught by.

If art education was approached in a broader and more unorthodox manner, I believe, it would have spoken to more students and would have kindled their artistic selves within rather than repelling many becoming an outcast of the artistic world, something that has become a travesty of art.

On my way to Blender I found something else that spoke to me a greater deal than the actual photos

Street Art

Street Art: A lomo camera painted outside the Blender Gallery

This is what I will write about in my next post but until then…

What were your experiences in art education?

And what has become of your artistic selves?



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